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le Mer 28 Juin - 10:42
Le patch lié à la mise à jour de l'Unreal Engine et à l'escalade a été déployé sur le Test Live :

TestLive PatchNotes (27.06.2017)

Climbing is finally here for TestLive! Just a heads up, this patch is a big one due to the content of this update. We've upgraded from Unreal Engine 4.12 to 4.15. Please note, that once you update a server to 4.15, you CANNOT revert to 4.12 without deleting the db. You can keep a copy of it on the side.


  • NEW! Added climbing system: hold space for a short time to start climbing.
  • Climbing uses stamina. Wearing heavy armor while climbing will exhaust your stamina quicker.
  • If you take damage while climbing, you will lose your grip.

Gameplay Updates and Fixes

  • Upgraded from Unreal Engine 4.12 to 4.15
  • NEW! Added exploration system: Exploring the map reveals new locations and gives experience points
  • Locations are marked on your map
  • You can can now add custom stamps to your map and name them
  • Added visual haziness when stamina is depleted
  • Branches can now be used as fuel in machines
  • Stacking size for raw meat has been increased.
  • Shields lose durability when hit by arrows
  • Added a reticule dot in the center of the screen. Can be toggled on/off via GUI options.
  • Explosive jars can now be crafted at lower levels
  • Adjusted XP curve

Known issues

  • You may experience short stalls when crossing certain areas of the map. We are working on a fix
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